Cold Pressed Juices

Made from local organic fruits and vegetables.



Cold-pressing fruits and vegetables provides up to five times the nutrients and enzymes than your average juice. This process keeps the nutrient-rich enzymes intact and is the healthiest way for you to digest raw unadulterated juices. 
Our cold-pressed raw juices have a complimentary taste and help make your body feel detoxified and unhindered. With a superior flavor and nutritional value, our juices are sure to meet your dietary needs. Our cleanses will detoxify your body of accumulated impurities and leave you feeling more energized.


About Us

Raw Juice was founded by a team of like-minded foodies; a group of friends who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together. Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Juice Bar, a place where people from all over Phoenix can meet to enjoy our special juices.

Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients.